April 2, 2013

Learning about the Earth

Yesterday I started reading "The Magic School Bus Inside the Earth". I like this series of books very much. I learned some new words from this book, like: metamorphic, sedimentary, igneous, basalt, obsidian. All of them are ROCK words :-)

I've already learned about how the Earth is build and about volcanoes before, so this was a review. I also filled out some worksheets:

There is a really cool game called Landform Detectives on the BrainPop website. You can check it out HERE.

Last year my Mom wrote on her blog about teaching me about volcanoes. You can read what she wrote HERE.
The day that we were doiung the volcano experiment TV came to film us learning at home. You can watch that news below (it's in Chinese).

I can't write more, because I have to prepare something about Bach for music class tomorrow.
Bye, bye.

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