April 9, 2013

Guandu Nature Park

Jas, the birdwatcher.

Today is 2nd Tuesday of the month so we had a homeschooling outing. We went to Guandu Nature Park. There were 65 people, but we were divided into 2 groups - one for younger and one for older kids.  I was in the older kids group it was quite boring, because we didn't see many birds and I was hoping to see some as Guandu is a bird park. Maybe the birds didn't like the wet weather?

Isn't it beautiful?

A boat in marshland.

Are they fake or real?

The "eye" of the boat.

Art in the park.

Everybody's bored...

Our guide
My sister and friends from Hong Kong!
I want to visit their katamaran again!

(I don't have a camera, so all the photos were taken by Mama and Zozo).

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