October 13, 2013

Sunday with a camera II

Today after church we went for lunch with Ama, Agong, 2 aunts and Ciocia Ela from Poland. It was a Japanese restaurant, so I ate a pork cutlet.
After we got back home (without Zosia, who went out with friends) we took Inu for a walk. Mama reminded me that it's been a long time since I've posted anything here. She told me that I could take some photos with her camera and write about them. So here is my photo-blog from our Sunday walk:

The fruits on top are so called star fruits,
on the bottom is papaya and it's flower.

Last signs of summer.

Wonder what butterfly this caterpillar will turn into.

A bit of art.


Take a look at my post from March to see how fast these houses have been built.