March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

I haven't written for a few days because I was busy helping my Mom prepare Easter celebration and also because I had a dance class presentation.
In Poland Easter is a very important holiday. Every year Mama makes many cakes and other yummy dishes.
This week she made 8 cakes, but only one is without nuts (I don't like nuts!). But she says that all Polish Easter cakes should have nuts and raisins. Here is a photo of Mama's cakes:

These cakes are called 'mazurki' in Polish.
On Friday Mama was busy baking and Zosia and I were painting eggs! I love painting eggs. I drew angles and hearts on my eggs.

Saturday was very, very busy. I had a dance class performance. We danced dances from Russia, Hungary, Spain, Philippines, India and Taiwanese aborigine dance. I like the Russian dance the most. The Spanish dance was very tiring.

Indian dance (very difficult)
Taiwanese aborigine dance

 After the dance class we went for a Food Blessing ceremony. It's a Polish tradition to bless food on a Saturday before Easter. We take food baskets to church to have it blessed by the priest. In the basket we have: bread, salt, sausage, cake and eggs.

After that we went for dinner with other Polish people.
Today is Ester Sunday which we started with a Mass at our church. Later my Grandparents and aunts came for lunch., We ate yummy sausage and salads and cakes ... Our neighbor also came to visit us.

March 27, 2013

My Daddy's Birthday!

The cake I made for Mama.
Yesterday I made a big birthday cake for my Dad. That was my second time to make a birthday cake, the first one was for my Mom. Both were sponge cakes, but each one was a bit different - my Dad's was with pineapple and colorful cream and my Mom's was with baked apples. Here are the photos:

Spreading cream on a cake for Dad.

More cream ...

The finished birthday cake for Daddy!

In the afternoon all four of us went to the Museum of Contemporary Arts to see a very interesting exhibition about new media in the art. Really cool! For dinner we went to an Italian restaurant called Mushroom Forest. The food wass very good, but my sister picked all the mushrooms out, because she doesn't like them.

My Dad's dish. It was super good! He gave me some to try.

March 25, 2013

Hama beads fun

Yesterday was Palm Sunday. The Mass at our church started earlier, because there was a procession. On Palm Sunday the Mass is very long.

These are palms for Palm Sunday from Poland

After church we went back home. We took out the Easter decorations and I remembered that I haven't played with Hama beads for a very loooooooooooooong time so I went to this blog in French :-) . I found Asterix made with Hama beads! I just had to make one too. Here is my work:

As you can see I am wearing my headset. Why? Because I am listening to an audio book on YouTube. It was Railway Children by E. Nesbit. You can read about this story on Wikipedia.

Today I had math, English, geography (I learned about Afghanistan). We also read about T-Rex and Giganotosaurus. Mom gave me some worksheets to fill out about those dinos. I also had a Chinese lesson, played piano and saxophone.
As you can see I am very busy :-)
Now I want to watch a movie, but Mama doesn't let me :-(

March 23, 2013

Playing games

Yesterday Mama and 爸爸 had a workshop for parents who want to homeschool. Some parents came with kids and we played together. We played some board games - Monopoly, Pictureka, card games - UnoSpin and geography Twister (Globe Trotting). It was fun playing with the other kids, but Mama says we were too loud.

Today was my last day of balet class. I decided to quit balet not because I don't like dancing, but because my classmates are all girls and they are not nice to me. I will still continue with another class which will be martial arts.

After dance class we went for dinner with Ama 阿媽 and Agong 阿公 and aunts to celebrate my Daddy's birthday (which is on Tuesday!).

March 21, 2013

History of Poland

I got up very late today. If I would need to go to school I would be late for sure. But Mama let's me start the school late.
Do you know what I do when I have to write my boring Chinese characters? I listen to audiobooks on my mp4 walkman. Today I was listening to "Pan Samochodzik i Wyspa Złoczyńców". I think I already heard it about 50 times! It's very long, but I like to listen to it very much. I listen to audiobooks when I am playing with Lego or walking the dog. So remember, if you want to buy me a present you can give me an audiobook.

I had math, Polish and history today. I also wrote worksheets on Megasaurus and Iguanodon.
These are my books for reading about history of Poland. Today Mama read to me about Kazimierz Wielki who "zastał Polskę drewnianą a zostawił murowaną" which means that he found Poland wooden and left it build with bricks. He also founded the first university in Poland.

March 20, 2013

Photo exhibition and Easter

Our invitation
Yesterday our family went to see the a photo exhibition. There were many photos from the wars that USA took part in - WWII, Vietnam, Korea. Most of the pictures were very sad. All the photos were taken by photo journalists who won the Pulitzer Prize for them.
I would like the exhibition more if there were more happy pictures.

After the exhibition we went for a not-so-good dinner, but I had a very good drink after dinner. It was milktea with Oreos.

Today we started the day with making some Easter decorations. Here are the photos:

These are small balloons wrapped with colored strings dipped in starch.
We have to wait for them to dry. Don't know if it will work or not.

I made this one.

March 18, 2013

Just another Monday

(photo from
 Nothing special happened today.

Lessons, lessons and lessons. I had math, English, religion and geography. In geography I learned about maps (different hemispheres) and about a country called Albania.

I also started a loooooong project about dinosaurs. I think it will take me a year to finish it!

I also had Chinese.

After all my hard work and practicing music I played SPORE!

Question for the readers: What is the capital of Albania?

March 17, 2013

Sunday with a camera

In the afternoon Mama and I went outside on our garden rocking sofa. Mama read some books to me and then told me to take Inu out for a walk. I took her camera with me.Here are some of the pictures I took around our house:

Mama working and Inu resting
A noisy construction
Also Inu
Many different trees
Flowers, flowers everywhere
This used to be our house.

After the walk I played on the computer, a game called SPORE! I got this game for my birthday from my friends. Thank you!
And later I build this police-anti-bad-guys-van.

And that is how I spent Sunday (without guests).

March 16, 2013

My Dance Classes and books

Today I had balet and dance classes. At the dance class we are learning dances from around the world. I didn't know the Russian dance, because I was in Poland when other children learned it. I am very tired now, because I danced for 3 hours.
I also worked at a coffee shop between the two classes. In the coffee shop I washed cups, made coffee and snacks, served and cleaned the tables. I like working in the coffee shop which is just outside my dance school.

Let's change the subject and talk about books.
Last week me and Mama read a book called "O Diabełku, który odważył się śmiać" written by Ksiądz Maliński. It was very, very funny and moving.

I also read "The Cats in Krasinski Square" by Karen Hesse. It was a story about Jews in Warsaw during the World War II. I like to read about WWII and watch movies about WWII, but I think it is very sad that so many people were killed during the war.

March 15, 2013

The Real Beginning

Today is the day Mama let me set up a blog!

Everyday I will try to post my daily news which will  include my lessons and some fun things.

Today I worked on:
Science - Hovering Machines from The Usborne Book of  Knowledge

Math - Matematyka Wokół Nas (workbook)

 English - Comprehensive Curriculum of Basic Skills

 Mama read to me history about explorers and Africa in XV century from these books.
I also had Chinese lesson with a teacher that comes every Monday and Friday.

Today it was my turn to make dinner! Look what I made:

Baked tilapia with rice and salad

A daily question for readers:
Is it true that whenever the helicopter's blades spin the machine rises in the air?