April 14, 2013

Dancing, playing and reading

During the past few days nothing interesting has happened, that's why I didn't write anything.
I didn't get my Bach project back from the music teacher, because she still wanted to show it to more children.
On Friday we went out for dinner with Agong 阿公 and Ama 阿媽 and my aunts. We ate in a Chinese restaurant. It was soooo good and I ate soooo much that I almost blew up!
My Dad finally started talking after his vocal chords operation. But he still shouldn't talk too much.

Yesterday I had my super-duper dance class! I started a new semester. Four new girls came to our class, so now there are 12 kids - 9 girls and 3 boys. We started learning martial arts. I am sure I will like it a lot.

In the afternoon we had guests - my new friends Ben and John came over to our house. They live quite close to us. We played XBox 360 Kinect - Joy Ride, Motion Sports and Adventure! It was super-duper fun!

Mom wants me to write that we finished reading a book about Janusz Korczak who was a teacher and a doctor, and took care of orphans. He was Jewish and died with all the children from his orphange in a concentration camp in Poland during the World War II. The title of the book was: "Jest taka historia, opowieść o Januszu Korczaku".

Another book we read  this week was: "I live in Tokyo". I don't really live in Tokyo, but that's the title of the book. It tells about different holidays during the year in Japan. There were many Japanese words in it and pictures were very nice.

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