September 6, 2013

My School Day

Take a look at the photos to see what I've been up to today:

Writing biology in Polish
In biology I learned about the living organisms and non-living things, what are the characteristics of the living organisms.

These are my books for Chinese,
history and Polish word puzzles.
In Chinese I practiced writing some characters, in history I learned about World War I.
I also solved some word puzzles in Polish.

Here I am learning about English antonyms.
 Before lunch I also had math, but my Mom forgot to take a picture of me doing math.
After lunch my Mom, Ania and I went for a walk with our dog (I also took Inu out for a walk in the morning).

I love practicing playing piano, I do it every day.
 I should have played on saxophone today, but I forgot and when I remembered it was too late.

I also had time on computer today.
 I played my favorite game, Jump Start, and done some math on Khan Academy. 

The dinner I made!
Only Mom, Ania and I are at home tonight and I offered to make dinner for us. I made fried rice with ham and veggies. It was yummy.
After dinner I played a bit with Ania, we built with Duplo and I also watched a bit TV - my favorite program about war and weapons on National Discovery channel.

September 3, 2013

My sister is a model !!!!!!!!!!!!

For one month in summer my sis,Zozo, was taking part in a modeling competition organised by one of the largest modeling agencies in Taiwan, Eelin.
She was very busy - she was waking up at 6:00 and sometimes coming back home at 21:00.
At the final competition she won the first place and and she won a car! Subaru XV, a orange one. And also a contract with Kissme cosmetics company and of course with Eelin!
Please go to Facebook and become her fan! You can also copy and paste 陳明秀 on Google and you will get all the news about her.
You can also go to her YouTube channel or her other YouTube channel or her flickr to see the photos she takes and films she makes.

Isn't my sister cool?!