January 3, 2015

My Christmas in Taiwan

Christmas is over (and even New Years)  but I want to write about what I did on Christmas .
Did you know that in Taiwan Christmas is not a holiday?
Every has to go work or to school. This year even my Dad had to go to office .
Polish Christmas lasts three days, from Christmas Eve (Wigilia) to December 26 .
For Wigilia we prepare 12 different dishes. Among others there are: my favorite wild mushroom soup (or  barszcz - beetroot soup), fish, pierogi (dumplings with sauerkraut and mushrooms) and many cakes. We don't eat meat on Wigilia.

A HUGE salmon
Pierogi, I made them

Polish potato-egg salad, Mom's specialty. 
Walnut cake (no flour!)
Gingerbread cookies I made
But before we start eating we share Oplatek  (Christmas wafer) wishing everybody all the best.

Oplatek from Poland  
After dinner it's time to open presents. That's of course what I was waiting for.

What is it ?!

A Chromebook13!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Two Jazz CD's Charlie Parker an Current Hits In Bossa!
After all the presents are have been open we go to church for midnight mass fortunately in Taiwan it is at 10p.m.

I was serving at the Mass
On the evening of Christmas day we went to my friend Owen's Christmas party. There were many people, that we did not know, at the party. I played Wii with other kids.

On the second day of Christmas my grandfather and grandmother from Taiwan came.