April 22, 2013

3 books in 4 days!

Last week I read three books. Two were from a series Great Illustrated Classics - Around the World in 80 Days by Julius Verne and The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas. The Three Musketeers was scary (a lot of people were killed), not like the animated movie I've watched before. I liked Around the World in 80 Days better. I also read Who was Marco Polo? from the Who was ...? series. Next I will have to read Who was Magellan?

I like to read books in English the best. I read in Polish too, but much slower. Chinese books I only read with my parents or teacher. I am still learning the characters.

Do you know that my sister, Zozo, is a model?
Last Friday she had a photoshoot and I had to go with her, because I couldn't stay home alone that long. It was very boring. I was playing on my Nexus7 all the time and Mama wasn't very happy.

Here is a photo of my sis:

Did you know that I also do a bit of modeling from time to time? I started when I was just a few months old :-) Here is a photo from my photoshoot last year:

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