September 30, 2014

Learning about Xindian

Last Sunday was quite special. We usually don't go anywhere (except  for church) on Sundays, but this time was different.
Zozo left home very early to go to Foguang Shan 佛光山, the largest Buddist monastry in Taiwan. And the rest of us stayed in Xindian 新店. We went to places, that I didn't even know existed.

We first went to the Xindian History Museum. There were many artifacts and photos about the history of this city. The most interesting thing were the old money - banknotes and coins.

In the museum I asked Mom if there are any aborigines living in Xindian. Mom was surprised I did not know and she took me to the settlement by the river where aborigines live.

(photo by Mom)
(photo by Mom)
(photo by Mom)
After that we went to the airforce cemetery. There were many graves of pilots who died in action, in training or were shot down by Chinese. The oldest graves were from the 1940th and the newest from just a fey years ago. We were the only visitors at the cemetery, Taiwanese people don't like going to cemeteries. I think it was very interesting .

(photo by Mom)

It was a very interesting Sunday.

All the photos are by me (unless other specified).

September 22, 2014

My first gig!

Last Saturday was Play for Change Day (around the world people play music and the money from the tickets goes to buy instruments for poor kids around the world that have talent but can't afford to buy instruments or have music teachers).

The OJ Band a.k.a. Orange Juice Band (me on keyboard and my best friend Owen on the electric guitar) went to Red Room for a Stage Time and Juice gig for kids.

The OJ Band played  不能說的秘密 by 周杰倫  & Whistle by Flo Rida. I also played two pieces on sax Take the A Train by Duke Ellington & The Girl from Ipanema by Antônio Carlos Jobim.

On the keyboard with the OJ Band

The OJ Band

Me and sax