December 14, 2013

Jas the scientist

Yesterday I went to the Centre for Innovative Bioscience Education in Warsaw. I joined a group of  Polish homeschoolers for a class about DNA.

There were 20 kids from 3rd to 6th grade. We had the lesson in a real lab and had to wear lab coats.
First we learned a bit of theory about DNA and later we were doing an experiment.
You can also try to make it yourself, here is how:

  • Put half of a kiwi into a cup.

  • Add salty water (the kiwi cells will get weaker).
  • Add detergent (it helps to break down the fat in the kiwi cells).
  • Stir everything well, but try not to make too many bubbles.

  • Put the cup with kiwi, water and detergent into a bowl of boiling water (it will speed up the process).

  • After few minutes blend everything up.
  • Pour the mixture slowly through a coffee filter and funnel into a larger cup.

  • The solution that drips through will have kiwi DNA in it. Pour this solution  into a small tube.

  • Carefully add very strong colored alcohol to it. DO NOT MIX IT!

  • You will see a white stripe (like a cloud) in the alcohol - this is the kiwi DNA!

It was a really fun class. Much better than the ones in Taiwan.