February 24, 2014

Skiing with my sister in Japan

Three weeks have passed since I got back from Japan. I've spent there for 21 days with Zozo and other ski instructors.

It's not all ours!

First Japanese drink - strawberry milk tea! Yummy!

Banner welcoming Taiwanese tourists

Zozo was teaching skiing to the Taiwanese kids who were coming there with their parents. Each camp was 5 days long, the first day of the camp was the last day of the previous one.
Most of the days we skied from 9 am to 3pm, with a break for lunch.
The weather was constantly changing - there were sunny, snowy and rainy days.
My sister has a ski instructors license and I don't, so I could only help her a bit, most of the time I was helping kids to get up after they fell and making sure they put back the skis well.

Salomon skis


On top of the mountain

We stayed in Shizukuishi Prince Hotel and Resort in the very north of Honshu island (Iwate Prefecture). In summer the mountain we skied on is a golf course. Unfortunately after a few days of eating the same food every day, we had enough of it. The hotel didn't have a washing machine so we had to wash everything by hand, it was not fun at all. But there was an outdoor onsen, which I liked a lot!

Our hotel

It was fun to be back on snow! In two weeks I will be going skiing again, but this time with the whole family.We will even go heli-skiing!

The snowman other kids made.