October 17, 2018

18th Century Taiwan

1714 - A Christian priest started surveying Taiwan island.
1721 -  Rebellion of Chu I-Kui (朱一貴).

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1723 - Qing Government established Chang-hua (彰化) County, Tamshui (淡水) and Penghu (澎湖) sub-prefectures.
1729 - Qing Government strictly forbade emigration to Taiwan.
1730 - Settlers without families in Taiwan were ordered to return to the Mainland.
1732 - Qing forces under the administration of the Yung-cheng Emperor (雍親王) suppressed Ta-chia-hsi (大甲西) indigenous rebellion.

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1738 - Lung-shan Temple (龍山寺) was erected in Wanhua (萬華), Taipei.

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1740 - Qing Government prohibited settlers from moving their families out of Mainland.
1748 - Hakkas moved into Miao-li (苗栗).
1760 - Bans on traveling totally relaxed.
1782 - Struggle between Ch'uan-chous (泉州人) and Chang-chous (漳州人) from Fu-chien (福建) broke out in Chang-hua (彰化) and caused disturbances.
1784 - The Port of Lu-kang (鹿港) opened.
1786-1788 - Lin Shuang-wen (林爽文) rebellion was suppressed after nine months of constant battling.
1795 - Ch'en Chou-ch'uan (陳周全) rose in revolt against Qing Dynasty.