April 26, 2013

Dancing Diva - First Taiwanese Musical

Yesterday we drove to Kaohsiung (in the southern part of Taiwan) to see the Dancing Diva, the first Taiwanese musical. My sister was helping during the rehearsals of this musical. The director is our friend, a famous Taiwanese comedian/actor/TV personality Jeffrey Hsu 許傑輝 a.k.a. A-Hui. I like him very much.
I liked the musical very, very much. It had cool LED lights for the background and decorations and the dances were really great! The main male dancer had only one leg! Imagine dancing on one leg! That must be really hard. He could even do the pole dancing and pick up the woman dancer.
I hope they are going to perform in Taipei soon so even more people can see the show.

Before the performance
Can you see the one-legged dancer?
Here I am!
(photos by Zozo)

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