April 26, 2013

Dancing Diva - First Taiwanese Musical

Yesterday we drove to Kaohsiung (in the southern part of Taiwan) to see the Dancing Diva, the first Taiwanese musical. My sister was helping during the rehearsals of this musical. The director is our friend, a famous Taiwanese comedian/actor/TV personality Jeffrey Hsu 許傑輝 a.k.a. A-Hui. I like him very much.
I liked the musical very, very much. It had cool LED lights for the background and decorations and the dances were really great! The main male dancer had only one leg! Imagine dancing on one leg! That must be really hard. He could even do the pole dancing and pick up the woman dancer.
I hope they are going to perform in Taipei soon so even more people can see the show.

Before the performance
Can you see the one-legged dancer?
Here I am!
(photos by Zozo)

April 22, 2013

3 books in 4 days!

Last week I read three books. Two were from a series Great Illustrated Classics - Around the World in 80 Days by Julius Verne and The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas. The Three Musketeers was scary (a lot of people were killed), not like the animated movie I've watched before. I liked Around the World in 80 Days better. I also read Who was Marco Polo? from the Who was ...? series. Next I will have to read Who was Magellan?

I like to read books in English the best. I read in Polish too, but much slower. Chinese books I only read with my parents or teacher. I am still learning the characters.

Do you know that my sister, Zozo, is a model?
Last Friday she had a photoshoot and I had to go with her, because I couldn't stay home alone that long. It was very boring. I was playing on my Nexus7 all the time and Mama wasn't very happy.

Here is a photo of my sis:

Did you know that I also do a bit of modeling from time to time? I started when I was just a few months old :-) Here is a photo from my photoshoot last year:

April 16, 2013

Dinosaurs mural

I finished the dinosaur mural today! Some time ago Mama printed out sheets for a mural (a BIG picture) with dinosaurs from this page. It took me a few days to color the dinosaurs and the mural. The dinosaurs I colored with colored pencils and the mural with water paints and crayons. Mama helped me a bit, because it would take me too long to finish it by myself. Here are the photos with the mural:

Starting to paint the mural

Coloring the lava

Glueing the dinosaurs on

Adding the names of the dinosaurs

All done!

Yesterday and this morning the weather was very nice. We went outside to do our homework. I got bitten by some naughty insects ... bleh!

April 14, 2013

Dancing, playing and reading

During the past few days nothing interesting has happened, that's why I didn't write anything.
I didn't get my Bach project back from the music teacher, because she still wanted to show it to more children.
On Friday we went out for dinner with Agong 阿公 and Ama 阿媽 and my aunts. We ate in a Chinese restaurant. It was soooo good and I ate soooo much that I almost blew up!
My Dad finally started talking after his vocal chords operation. But he still shouldn't talk too much.

Yesterday I had my super-duper dance class! I started a new semester. Four new girls came to our class, so now there are 12 kids - 9 girls and 3 boys. We started learning martial arts. I am sure I will like it a lot.

In the afternoon we had guests - my new friends Ben and John came over to our house. They live quite close to us. We played XBox 360 Kinect - Joy Ride, Motion Sports and Adventure! It was super-duper fun!

Mom wants me to write that we finished reading a book about Janusz Korczak who was a teacher and a doctor, and took care of orphans. He was Jewish and died with all the children from his orphange in a concentration camp in Poland during the World War II. The title of the book was: "Jest taka historia, opowieść o Januszu Korczaku".

Another book we read  this week was: "I live in Tokyo". I don't really live in Tokyo, but that's the title of the book. It tells about different holidays during the year in Japan. There were many Japanese words in it and pictures were very nice.

April 9, 2013

Guandu Nature Park

Jas, the birdwatcher.

Today is 2nd Tuesday of the month so we had a homeschooling outing. We went to Guandu Nature Park. There were 65 people, but we were divided into 2 groups - one for younger and one for older kids.  I was in the older kids group it was quite boring, because we didn't see many birds and I was hoping to see some as Guandu is a bird park. Maybe the birds didn't like the wet weather?

Isn't it beautiful?

A boat in marshland.

Are they fake or real?

The "eye" of the boat.

Art in the park.

Everybody's bored...

Our guide
My sister and friends from Hong Kong!
I want to visit their katamaran again!

(I don't have a camera, so all the photos were taken by Mama and Zozo).

April 7, 2013

Mario and Luigi Hama Beads

Saturday there was no dance class, because new semester is starting next week.
I had a lot of free time. I helped Dad to fix a few things around the house and to put away the heaters.
I wanted to do more Hama Beads, but couldn't find any pattern I liked. I ended up doing Mario and Luigi, but I didn't really like the design I found on the Internet so today I changed everything. I spent whole afternoon doing my own design. That's how it turned out:

While doing the Hama Beads I watched 2 films in Polish - "Pan Samochodzik i Niesamowity Dwór" i "Czarne Stopy". I give "Czarne Stopy" 100 stars! Both movies were made in 1986.

Yesterday evening Zosia and I filmed something. I can't show you the film, because Zosia has not edited it yet. Anyway, the film will be about us making ... sweet sushi!

Doesn't it look yummy? (photo by Zozo)
I don't really like sweets that much, so Zosia ate most of it. (photo by Zozo)
This is what we used. (photo by Mama)
Last night we also played Blokus! I WON!!!!!! That was the first time I won in this game!!!!

It's my turn!

April 5, 2013

The Elizabethan Age

In my last post I wrote about making a project about Bach for my music class. I wanted to post a photo of it, but ... my teacher said it was so good that she wanted to show it to other kids so I had to leave it in the music class. I will post a photo after I get it back.

Since Wednesday my Dad can not talk, because he had an operation on his vocal cords. It's quiet, because he doesn't talk on the phone anymore.

Yesterday we started reading a book about the Queen of England, Elizabeth I. We also read about her times in other books.

While Mama was reading to me I made a pattern with Palago blocks. Take a look at it and tell me how you like it.

April 2, 2013

Learning about the Earth

Yesterday I started reading "The Magic School Bus Inside the Earth". I like this series of books very much. I learned some new words from this book, like: metamorphic, sedimentary, igneous, basalt, obsidian. All of them are ROCK words :-)

I've already learned about how the Earth is build and about volcanoes before, so this was a review. I also filled out some worksheets:

There is a really cool game called Landform Detectives on the BrainPop website. You can check it out HERE.

Last year my Mom wrote on her blog about teaching me about volcanoes. You can read what she wrote HERE.
The day that we were doiung the volcano experiment TV came to film us learning at home. You can watch that news below (it's in Chinese).

I can't write more, because I have to prepare something about Bach for music class tomorrow.
Bye, bye.