August 31, 2014


Wow!  A whole month has passed!

I was sooo busy this summer, that I haven't spent much time at home.
After the aviation camp I went for two more camps and also for filming of one TV program.
At the end of July I had another GRRRREAT camp - Camp Taiwan. It was an adventure camp and 3 of my friends, Owen, John and Ben, went with me. We spent most time outdoors doing all kinds of crazy things. You can see me in this "Happy" video at 1:26 !!!

 After Camp Taiwan I spent some time at home and later went for a 3 day soccer camp. I also had great time there. Beside kicking the ball we also went hiking and visited a zoo and glass factory, where I made a really cool glass.

This summer we also made good use of the swimming pool on our mountain. Whenever I was at home and not at a camp I went swimming with my sisters and my parents.

Unfortunately the pool will be closing on September 14 so we have only two weeks left to enjoy it.

There are two swimming pools: one is a small one for kiddos and the other one is a 1.5m to 2.5m deep pool (I go only to the bigger pool). Me and my Big Sis like jumping in to the 2.5m place so I am only in that pool area.
You can watch a video of Zosia and my Dad in the pool (she filmed it with GoPro). Too bad I wasn't there that time.