November 30, 2013

Jas the carpenter!

After a week of sleeping on a very squeaky bed in our house in Poland we decided to buy a new bed from IKEA.  (The old sofa bed came with the house a few years ago and we've never changed it.)
On Wednesday my Mom and I drove to a huge IKEA and bought two beds and a sofa bed. On Thursday they delivered everything to our house and we started the construction.

Opening the boxes.
Adding wheels to the roll out bed.

Building the bottom of the sofa bed.

Using an electric screwdriver.
The sofa bed I build - really comfy!

The bed (with another roll-out bed underneath)
in the small room.
Now we are ready for Zozo to come! She is coming tomorrow!!!!

November 20, 2013

I am in Poland !

Last Sunday I arrived in Poland. It was a VERY long flight - it took us over 24 hours door to door!
We first flew Hong Kong where we waited for 3h for our flight to Zurich. And then in Zurich we had less than one hour to change.
In Warsaw Babcia, Dziadek and Ciocia Basia waited for us at the airport.

In less than two weeks Zozo will also come to Poland and later my Dad will join us too. This year we will spend Christmas Eve in Poland (on the X'mas Day we have to fly back to Taiwan). I wish it would be a white Christmas! Right now it's only cold and a bit wet, no sign of snow :-(

Babcia and Dziadzia have a new dog, his name is Lutek - just like my guinea pig (R.I.P.). They got the dog from a shelter. I take him for long walks. He likes to play with a stick and his reward is bread - strange dog - likes bread and carrots :-)
I will write more in the next few days. 

November 11, 2013

My 11th birthday

My 11th birthday was yesterday! There were 23 people. We invited my Polish-Taiwanese and Polish friends. One girl, Wiki, came to our house for the first time. One of my friends, Lukasz (and his sister, Natalia) have just come back to Taiwan after 2 years in Australia.
There were 13 kids altogether (5 girls and 8 boys).
In the beginning the boys played baseball outside and the girls took Inu out for a walk. Later we played Monopoly and Minecraft on Xbox! I have no idea what the girls were doing in my sister's room.
This year I got some really cool presents, just take a look:

A Duster skateboard!!!
Just what I wanted!
And a cool t-shirt

I finally got them! Yes!

A real boomerang, a boomerang magnet and pencils
straight from Australia

A book, and a calculator
(finally I don't need to borrow one from my sister).

Everything is from Ironman 3!!

Birthday cake and me on the skateboard! ;-)

Making a wish.