March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

I haven't written for a few days because I was busy helping my Mom prepare Easter celebration and also because I had a dance class presentation.
In Poland Easter is a very important holiday. Every year Mama makes many cakes and other yummy dishes.
This week she made 8 cakes, but only one is without nuts (I don't like nuts!). But she says that all Polish Easter cakes should have nuts and raisins. Here is a photo of Mama's cakes:

These cakes are called 'mazurki' in Polish.
On Friday Mama was busy baking and Zosia and I were painting eggs! I love painting eggs. I drew angles and hearts on my eggs.

Saturday was very, very busy. I had a dance class performance. We danced dances from Russia, Hungary, Spain, Philippines, India and Taiwanese aborigine dance. I like the Russian dance the most. The Spanish dance was very tiring.

Indian dance (very difficult)
Taiwanese aborigine dance

 After the dance class we went for a Food Blessing ceremony. It's a Polish tradition to bless food on a Saturday before Easter. We take food baskets to church to have it blessed by the priest. In the basket we have: bread, salt, sausage, cake and eggs.

After that we went for dinner with other Polish people.
Today is Ester Sunday which we started with a Mass at our church. Later my Grandparents and aunts came for lunch., We ate yummy sausage and salads and cakes ... Our neighbor also came to visit us.

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