May 5, 2013

Super race-tracks!

I can't believe it's been over a week since I've last written here!
Was I so busy? Not really.

A week ago on Sunday my Mom, Dad and I went to listen to my saxophone teacher's concert. He played two different saxophones with 3 other musicians. It was a very small concert, but I liked it very, very much. I wish one day I could play like them - "Mission Impossible"! The concert was called Sax-a-Four.

I am still working on two projects - dinosaurs and animals of the world. They are soooo big, I don't know when I will finish them. I aslo "played" some crystal mining, but you can read about it on my Mom's blog.

This week in art class we started baseball theme. I made a 3D pitcher out of paper and wire. It's still in the classroom, because it needed to dry.

Few days ago I build a car race track that I got for my birthday over 3 years ago. I don't take it out very often, becasue it takes up a lot of space. Today I asked Mama to tape me playing with it. It took very loooong to get the right shot. Here it is:

And here you can watch a video my sister filmed with me as the main character!

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