March 27, 2013

My Daddy's Birthday!

The cake I made for Mama.
Yesterday I made a big birthday cake for my Dad. That was my second time to make a birthday cake, the first one was for my Mom. Both were sponge cakes, but each one was a bit different - my Dad's was with pineapple and colorful cream and my Mom's was with baked apples. Here are the photos:

Spreading cream on a cake for Dad.

More cream ...

The finished birthday cake for Daddy!

In the afternoon all four of us went to the Museum of Contemporary Arts to see a very interesting exhibition about new media in the art. Really cool! For dinner we went to an Italian restaurant called Mushroom Forest. The food wass very good, but my sister picked all the mushrooms out, because she doesn't like them.

My Dad's dish. It was super good! He gave me some to try.

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