March 20, 2013

Photo exhibition and Easter

Our invitation
Yesterday our family went to see the a photo exhibition. There were many photos from the wars that USA took part in - WWII, Vietnam, Korea. Most of the pictures were very sad. All the photos were taken by photo journalists who won the Pulitzer Prize for them.
I would like the exhibition more if there were more happy pictures.

After the exhibition we went for a not-so-good dinner, but I had a very good drink after dinner. It was milktea with Oreos.

Today we started the day with making some Easter decorations. Here are the photos:

These are small balloons wrapped with colored strings dipped in starch.
We have to wait for them to dry. Don't know if it will work or not.

I made this one.


  1. This is so good. Keep the news coming. And thanks for reminding me that Easter is so close. Yikes!

    1. Thanks, Julian.
      Easter is just around the corner. Tomorrow my Mom and I will start baking cakes and on Friday we will paint eggs.