March 16, 2013

My Dance Classes and books

Today I had balet and dance classes. At the dance class we are learning dances from around the world. I didn't know the Russian dance, because I was in Poland when other children learned it. I am very tired now, because I danced for 3 hours.
I also worked at a coffee shop between the two classes. In the coffee shop I washed cups, made coffee and snacks, served and cleaned the tables. I like working in the coffee shop which is just outside my dance school.

Let's change the subject and talk about books.
Last week me and Mama read a book called "O Diabełku, który odważył się śmiać" written by Ksiądz Maliński. It was very, very funny and moving.

I also read "The Cats in Krasinski Square" by Karen Hesse. It was a story about Jews in Warsaw during the World War II. I like to read about WWII and watch movies about WWII, but I think it is very sad that so many people were killed during the war.

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