March 21, 2013

History of Poland

I got up very late today. If I would need to go to school I would be late for sure. But Mama let's me start the school late.
Do you know what I do when I have to write my boring Chinese characters? I listen to audiobooks on my mp4 walkman. Today I was listening to "Pan Samochodzik i Wyspa Złoczyńców". I think I already heard it about 50 times! It's very long, but I like to listen to it very much. I listen to audiobooks when I am playing with Lego or walking the dog. So remember, if you want to buy me a present you can give me an audiobook.

I had math, Polish and history today. I also wrote worksheets on Megasaurus and Iguanodon.
These are my books for reading about history of Poland. Today Mama read to me about Kazimierz Wielki who "zastał Polskę drewnianą a zostawił murowaną" which means that he found Poland wooden and left it build with bricks. He also founded the first university in Poland.

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