March 15, 2013

The Real Beginning

Today is the day Mama let me set up a blog!

Everyday I will try to post my daily news which will  include my lessons and some fun things.

Today I worked on:
Science - Hovering Machines from The Usborne Book of  Knowledge

Math - Matematyka Wokół Nas (workbook)

 English - Comprehensive Curriculum of Basic Skills

 Mama read to me history about explorers and Africa in XV century from these books.
I also had Chinese lesson with a teacher that comes every Monday and Friday.

Today it was my turn to make dinner! Look what I made:

Baked tilapia with rice and salad

A daily question for readers:
Is it true that whenever the helicopter's blades spin the machine rises in the air?


  1. Woohoo! Congratulations! Hope you get to run this blog for a looong time!
    #dailyquestions Yes!

  2. Gratuluję i życzę wytrwałości w pisaniu, a z własnego doświadczenia wiem, że to wcale nie jest łatwe. Podobnie trudne jest zadane przez Ciebie pytanie. Po prostu nie chwytam po angielsku.
    Babcia M.

  3. 哲仔:恭喜你完成了第一篇PO文,等你下一篇中文的喔!