May 26, 2013

Ju Percussion Group and playing with Ben and John

For the past few months my parents were organizing a workshop for other parents who want to homeschool their kids. At the beginning I didn't think it would be fun to go for those workshops, because I wouldn't know any of the kids, but ... it turned out that there were two boys about my age coming every time. And ... they live on the same mountain as we do,just on the other side.
Every time we meet we play Monopoly, Monopoly Deal, Uno, cards etc. One time they came over to our house - you can read about it here. In summer I will be going to a basketball camp with them. And maybe their dad can teach me how to play squash.

Yesterday we went to the National Theater 國家戲劇院 to see a performance by Ju Percussion Group 朱宗慶打擊樂團 Mulan 木蘭. I didn't like the signing part, which was hurting my ears, it was sang like the Peking Opera 京劇. Horrible! But the music was really really cool. I liked the fighting with bamboo sticks the best. You can watch a short clip below.

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