May 19, 2013

Taipei 台北 - Tainan 台南 - Taichung 台中

This was a very busy week!

On Monday we drove to Tainan to meet with some friends.

On Tuesday we had 2nd Tuesday homeschooling outing with families from Tainan, Kaohsiung and Pingdong. We went to the National Museum of Taiwan Literature 國立台灣文學館 in Tainan. Many, many families came, but there were only tiny kids who made a lot of noise.

The inside of the museum. Cool, isn't it?
In the evening we had dinner with other homeschooling families in Taichung. It was boring. In the museum I have already read all the books I had brought with me so at the restaurant I didn't know what to do.

Wednesday and Thursday we've spent in Taipei - learning at home. I also had music and art classes.

And very early on Friday morning we left for Tainan again ... This time it was only a day trip. We went to the beach!

Today, Sunday, was a special day for Zosia - it was her Confirmation. The Mass was in a different church (not the one we usually go to) and it was in Chinese. It was a very long Mass.

Can you find Zosia and Mama? (©Jaś) 

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  1. Jasiu, wcale tak nudnego życia nie prowadzisz. Wydaje mi się, że ciągle się coś dzieje, ciągle masz nowe zajęcia. W przyszłości musisz nosić w plecaczku książkę,którą aktualnie czytasz i nie będziesz się nudził w restauracji.