May 12, 2013

Fulong Beach Sand Sculptures

Last Tuesday we went to Fulong Beach!

When we were leaving the house we noticed our Inu was very, very sad. So we decided to take her with us. Our dog is afraid of almost everything and doesn't like car rides, so we never take her anywhere. But this time she looked sooooo sad that we decided to take her for a ride.
While we were at Fulong Beach it rained a bit,  just a little drizzle so we didn't mind (and the sculptures didn't mind either :-) ).
Although we went there in the middle od the week, it was difficult to find a parking space and Dad had to go around a few times to find one. I can not imagine how busy it is during the weekend.

View from the bridge,

Psy (Do you know it means 'dogs' in Polish?)

Inu scared of the water and waves.


  1. Nice adventure! I'm especially happy for Inu. What a great companion!

  2. Thanks Julian. Inu was a bit afraid of the ocean and the noise the waves made, but I think she had fun. She was not the only dog at the beach, but she was the biggest one.