June 2, 2013

Children's Day and lots of other things!

I don't know where I should start, there are so many things I want to write about ...

Last week I was busy with school work and also some fun activities.

Here I am writing my English homework.
I am making a motorized bug.

The bug is ready. I added a cover for it.

Here you can see how the bug goes:

Do you know that June 1st in many countries is the Children's Day? In Taiwan Chindren's Day is on April 4th and in Poland on June 1st, so we should have two celebrations, right? Wrong. My Mom always celebrates the Polish Kid's Day, not the Taiwanese. And she is right, because this year for example the Taiwanese Kid's Day and the Tomb Sweeping Day were just one day apart - not fun.
This year we had a really special Children's Day. We had a great picnic with other Polish-Taiwanese families. My best friends were there too. I had lots of fun riding bicycle and playing with water guns (it was 35C!).

 I also got some presents from my Mom! Here they are:

I also got the Crazee Jumpin' Beans. I didn't really know how to play with them, so I had to go on YouTube and watch some videos. After watching the videos I got an idea to make a super-duper-jumpin'-beans-track.

This is my whole set of 36+1 neon jumpin' beans. Cool, right?
If  you want to see how my track works click on the video below:

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