December 15, 2016

Chemistry: Nonmetals

Physical Properties

The physical properties of nonmetals are opposite to those that characterize metals. 
  • Many of the nonmetals are gasses at room temperature
  • They have low boiling points
  • Carbon and Iodine are solids at room temperature
  • Bromine is the only liquid at room temperature 

Chemical Properties
  • The atoms of the nonmetals (except for the ones in group 18) can react with other atoms, leading to the formation of compounds.

Compounds of Nonmetals
  • Nonmetals can also form compounds with other nonmetals
  • The atoms share electrons and become bonded together into molecules, such as carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide
  • When the molecules contain only two atoms, they are called diatomic molecules (O₂, N₂, H₂)
  • Some nonmetal elements also form diatomic molecules

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