May 1, 2016

Biology: Living Things


  1. Made of cells 
    • unicellular-single-celled organisms (bacteria)
    • multicellular composed of many cells
  2. Cells are composed of chemicals:
    • water
    • carbohydrates - energy source
    • protein - building materials
    • lipids - building materials
    • nudeic acids - genetic material
  3. Use energy for growth and repair
  4. Grow and develop
  5. Respond to their surroundings:
    • stimulus - changes in an organism's surroundings that causes the organism to react
    • response - an action or change in behavior
  6. The ability to reproduce or produce offspring that are similar to the parents
My sister, Ania, made this.


  1. Energy
    • food is a source of energy 
    • plants are autotrophs - they make their own food - by capturing sun's  energy and using it with carbon dioxide
    • heterotrophs - can't make their own food they obtain energy by eating autotrophs or other heterotrophs. Animals are heterotrophs.
  2. Water
    • it's needed to obtain chemicals from surroundings
    • break up food 
    • grow
    • move substances within the body
    • reproduce
  3. Living space
    • a place to get food and water and find shelter
  4. Stable internal conditions (homeostasis)

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