September 3, 2013

My sister is a model !!!!!!!!!!!!

For one month in summer my sis,Zozo, was taking part in a modeling competition organised by one of the largest modeling agencies in Taiwan, Eelin.
She was very busy - she was waking up at 6:00 and sometimes coming back home at 21:00.
At the final competition she won the first place and and she won a car! Subaru XV, a orange one. And also a contract with Kissme cosmetics company and of course with Eelin!
Please go to Facebook and become her fan! You can also copy and paste 陳明秀 on Google and you will get all the news about her.
You can also go to her YouTube channel or her other YouTube channel or her flickr to see the photos she takes and films she makes.

Isn't my sister cool?!

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