August 2, 2013

My summer camps

As you can see I am not writing here very often. It's summer and I am very busy, so I don't have much time to sit in front of the computer.

Last time I mentioned about the basketball camp which took place a month ago. That day camp was really cool! I learned the basics of playing basketball and many rules and regulations of the game. Our coaches were from the Taiwanese basketball teams.
My two friends, Ben and John, also participated in the camp. One day after the camp I went with their family to the swimming pool. On the last day of the camp there was a big game, unfortunately Ben and John were on a different team and my team lost ...
In our community there is a basketball court, but it's quite far from our house and besides it is too hot to play outdoors in summer. I am waiting for fall when it gets cooler and then I can go play basketball with my Mom! (She used to play basketball in high school.)

Last week I went for another camp, at Juming Sculpture Museum 朱銘美術館. That was second time I went for a summer camp organised by that museum. Zosia went there 4 times! Next year I hope I can go again. If you will be visiting Taiwan you have to go to that museum - it's super-duper cool and interesting.
This year I met two boys that were at the camp with me two years ago. We were BFs at this camp.
The camp was 5 days long. Most of the time we were preparing for the big presentation on the last day. Each group of 6-7 kids had to prepare different activities. My group made activities that involved the sense of touch. We worked with clay and other materials. Take a look at the photos from the last day:

My BFs

My group's activity area. We made everything by ourselves.
I was asking people to come to our station.
Tata playing one of our games.
Tata playing another game.
Sasa teacher and all the kids in my group.
 I still have one more camp to go to this summer. I will go to Hualian to learn about A-mei tribe 阿美族.

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