September 6, 2013

My School Day

Take a look at the photos to see what I've been up to today:

Writing biology in Polish
In biology I learned about the living organisms and non-living things, what are the characteristics of the living organisms.

These are my books for Chinese,
history and Polish word puzzles.
In Chinese I practiced writing some characters, in history I learned about World War I.
I also solved some word puzzles in Polish.

Here I am learning about English antonyms.
 Before lunch I also had math, but my Mom forgot to take a picture of me doing math.
After lunch my Mom, Ania and I went for a walk with our dog (I also took Inu out for a walk in the morning).

I love practicing playing piano, I do it every day.
 I should have played on saxophone today, but I forgot and when I remembered it was too late.

I also had time on computer today.
 I played my favorite game, Jump Start, and done some math on Khan Academy. 

The dinner I made!
Only Mom, Ania and I are at home tonight and I offered to make dinner for us. I made fried rice with ham and veggies. It was yummy.
After dinner I played a bit with Ania, we built with Duplo and I also watched a bit TV - my favorite program about war and weapons on National Discovery channel.

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