June 9, 2013

3 days in Pingtung 屏東

We were away for 3 days last week. We left on Thursday morning and came back on Saturday night. On Thursday we drove straight to Pingtung city 屏東市 where we met with somebody. We went for dinner with another homeschooling family.
For the night we stayed at a Pingtung University 屏東大學 guest house. This university has a huge campus! And it's very easy to get lost. On Friday we went to the LiuDui Hakka Culture Park to play in sand and water. It was very hot so playing in water was the best thing to do.

I loved playing in the fountains!

Construction ahead!
That was not all for the day.
Later we drove a very narrow mountain road, which was broken in few places, to Dashe 大社村 aborigine village.

We had to turn back and take a teeny tiny temporary road.
Will it come down or not? My Mom was really scared.
Everybody from that village was evacuated after the Aug 8th, 2009 八八水災 floods. Since then only 4 families came back. We met two of the families. They have 5 kids, 3 of them are homeschooled, just like me. We had lots of fun walking around the abandoned village  with them and playing together. On Saturday we even worked with them in the field!

Take a look at the photos my Mom and Zozo took:

My new friends!
We made special dumplings out of the millet they grow.
Next morning we rode in their Ferrari ;-) to the filed.
There I made fire to boil water for lunch.
Had to turn over the weeds so they would dry..
And later burn them to fertilize the soil.

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