July 23, 2014

My last Juming camp

This was the last time for me to go for a summer camp organised by Juming Museum 朱銘美術館 , next year I will be too old. This was third time for me to go to this camp and every year I looked forward to spending a few days at this big sculpture park museum.
Every year the camp has a different theme. This time it was "presents". We were talking about the presents that we received (I talked about my skateboard). Here is a video that my sister Zosia made after I received the skateboard for my birthday last year:

Throughout the camp we were gathering things that people think could be a present (we went to Jinshan 金山 to do that). Our team gathered some really strange things.

We've found this ruined plastic display food at a beach.

For Saturday when all the parents came, we prepared a game with long, long tubes joined together. The idea was not mine, but I built it almost by myself. We painted many small buoys that we found on the beach and later people were throwing them into the tube from top.

At the bottom a colored rock with a smiley face would come out. People were surprised that they throw a buoy in and rock came out. That was a mystery... and that was their present.

Tomorrow I will write something about my other camp.

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