July 27, 2014

Flying camp!

Best Camp Ever

Last week I've spent at an aviation camp at Aviation School of  China University of Science and Technology in Hsinchu  中華科技大學 航空學院 (it is in Taiwan, not in China, although there is 'China' in the name).

The camp was 5 days long, each day was full of fun activities:

We went to Hsinchu Air Base 新竹空軍基地 where we could see pilots flying Mirage 2000. 

Mirage 2000
It was super loud
We learned how to fly A320 in a real simulator and after that we flew the simulator (the school has an Airbus 320 simulator same that Taiwanese pilots use for their practice).

 Before we could fly the simulator we had a briefing on how to use it.

 We also made a DIY water-air rocket. It could fly really fast.

I also learned how to design a model plane and use a 3D printer to print it. (picture will come later)

On the last day (night) we had some nightime activities:

That's the drown that took the above picture :-)

Thank you 爸爸 for finding this camp for me!

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