October 23, 2014

On water and in air

A week ago we came to Poland. Before coming here we stayed a few days in Hong Kong. On the day we were flying out of  Hong Kong we went on a yacht cruise - it was so nice and warm.

The boat we were on.
Relaxing on a yacht

The next day we landed in cold, but sunny Europe - Zurich and later Warsaw.

So far in Warsaw we went to the Old Town.

We also went shopping. My Mom got me some shirts and books. One is about the history of Poland.


Yesterday we went to the Warsaw Rising Museum. It's a museum about Warsaw Uprising which took place during World War II (Aug.1,1944 - Oct.4,1944). The whole Warsaw was destroyed and many, many people were killed.

The divided Poland

The uniforms of Polish army pilots.
The plane that dropped food to occupied Warsaw.

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