November 11, 2013

My 11th birthday

My 11th birthday was yesterday! There were 23 people. We invited my Polish-Taiwanese and Polish friends. One girl, Wiki, came to our house for the first time. One of my friends, Lukasz (and his sister, Natalia) have just come back to Taiwan after 2 years in Australia.
There were 13 kids altogether (5 girls and 8 boys).
In the beginning the boys played baseball outside and the girls took Inu out for a walk. Later we played Monopoly and Minecraft on Xbox! I have no idea what the girls were doing in my sister's room.
This year I got some really cool presents, just take a look:

A Duster skateboard!!!
Just what I wanted!
And a cool t-shirt

I finally got them! Yes!

A real boomerang, a boomerang magnet and pencils
straight from Australia

A book, and a calculator
(finally I don't need to borrow one from my sister).

Everything is from Ironman 3!!

Birthday cake and me on the skateboard! ;-)

Making a wish.

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